1. D

    Hi all, new pilot here that needs help with beginner drone photography - Video compilation

    Hi all, I recently bought the phantom 3 standard and have been taking it out on a few flights in my local area. I am comfortable flying and can handle most average conditions really well, but I am not too sure on how to improve my video techniques. I have made a compilation of my most recent...
  2. T

    Montage Music

    Hi, Im looking for some music to put in my montage of drone videos. I make quite a few videos, ranging from city skylines, to countrysides and golf courses. I need something thats energetic and captures the audiences attention, one of my favourites is "Run Boy Run - Woodkid" so anything similar...
  3. Sunnaroe

    I owe all of you a sincere thanks-so Thanks

    Long story short-Im a noob who ,if not for this forum matching my every google search verbatim,wouldnt know where to begin.Not one post is lame if you ask me. With that being said let me get on to my lame questions-lol. Im in Cincinnati-great cityscape without any major obstacles from my...
  4. DiverDan

    What constitutes Commercial use?

    Test case: I shoot hobby footage and post it on YouTube. If I allow ads to appear on it, and thereby get even a tiny amount of income from every click, have I crossed the line? Discuss among yourselves [Linda Richman from SNL].