1. UAVScanEagle

    Alaska Footage

    A film I put together from my trip to Alaska.
  2. Blackapino

    Hi from Alaska

    Although this isn't my First drone (Previous was a Yuneec Breeze) This is my first OFFICIAL Dji Drone. I've always wanted to get a Phantom but they were SO Expensive and Now that I own one..I am Glad that I did. I LOVE This drone and I'm looking forward to MANY More Vids to post.
  3. L

    Juneau & Interior Alaska - drone photography

    It's a pleasure and honor to photograph this amazing state.
  4. GooseMayne

    Greetings from the Great State of Alaska

    Hi All, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and that I enjoy reading all of this great information. I just purchased a P3A and am looking forward to lots of flying. Curious if anyone knew of a saddle or some sort of container that could attach to the Phantom for transporting small items...
  5. L

    An uncommon view. PPG and the Phantom 3

    Today was the first time we actually got serious about taking footage with the phantom 3. My son took video of me flying my paramotor today. Some pretty cool footage. And a pretty darn good job since he has flown it very little. And never trying to follow a moving target. ;o) Check out the...