1. U

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight to Pakistan? And how would I go about taking it.
  2. S

    This is why we can't have nice things - Drone nearly hits passenger plane landing in New Zealand

    I was just reading the latest article regarding a near miss of a drone with a commercial airliner. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. It's because of the people who think that it's cool to fly drones within 5 meters of an aircraft. Drone operators should have some common sense, no? This is...
  3. Clapper

    Drones Endanger Manned Aircraft

    I have been arguing that all the hype about the FAA and scare talk about drones being dangerous to manned aircraft was hooey. Boy was I wrong. I watched this video and now I am ready to join the fight to make sure drones don't kill more innocent people. Mikeflight, you were right. Everyone needs...
  4. P

    Contacting airports about flying

    Hey all, So I'm a creative designer in a rural town of about 16000 people, and I've been approached by a few different departments of the city to do some aerial photography of a few upcoming events. I have not completed the Section 107 certification (it's on my list), so I may just do it for...
  5. SoyFPV

    Question regarding airport and helipad regulations!

    I want to fly my Phantom4 in Nashville,TN at a park near my house, but when I pull up my B4Ufly app I get the following: "warning action required: airspace restriction, and airports within 5 miles." ALL of the following airports excluding Nashville International Airport are not AIRPORTS but...
  6. Phil Tuggle

    Radio Suggestions? ICOM? Sporty's? Yaesu? Walmart (kidding)?

    Has anyone found a good radio for monitoring the controlled airspace and talking to ATC (especially for when you are authorized and inside/under it)? I would like to buy something new and with a warranty, but do not need all the bells and whistles like glide slope and VOR and such. Is there...