1. N

    Experiences with flying drones in China

    Hi. Im going to be flying a DJI Spark in China in few days. (I noticed that there’s a separate forum for spark users but ignore that part for now) Has anyone had any experience of bringing a drone to china? Such as airport security
  2. R

    Wizzair and Drones

    Hi Everyone, I will be flying to Latvia (from the Netherlands) in about a month. I am flying with Wizzair (budget airline). I wanted to know if anyone has recent experience with taking drones on a Wizzair flight? I have a P3A. I called Wizzair twice, with 2 different answers. The first person...
  3. drumrocker365

    Are fire safe battery bags overkill?

    I've been wondering, are fire safe bags necessary, or are they overkill? Personally, I feel perfectly comfortable just storing the battery in the box. However, in July I will be traveling with my Phantom 3 Standard on 6 flights. I'm well aware of the procedures for drone travel, as I've done a...
  4. Pete Gianakos

    Can you spot the airplane?

    Hovered at 300 feet to get this sunset shot in Nashville. Can you spot the jet flying across the sunset? Might have to go full screen.
  5. QuadcopterCrazy

    Flight Stats

    I don't know if any of you use this site but I found it and I wanted to share it with you, You can search the nearest airport to you and look at incoming flights and departures, just an extra step in helping you guys fly safely.
  6. A

    Phantom 4 in Checked Luggage

    I am flying from Toronto to Paris (Charles de Gaulle) in just over 24 hours, en route to Edinburgh. I have a Phantom 4, its controller, minimal accessories and two batteries that I have stored in the original grey styrofoam shipping box (once the price of the ThinkTank Helipak goes down I will...
  7. M

    Proof the FAA is watching our YouTube videos - and how to check

    Noticed something interesting but not at all surprising that the FAA has been watching my YouTube channel. Now i have always practiced what the FAA regulations and guidelines preach, this is just a reminder that what you upload could "incriminate". I have been flying rc heli's planes and quads...
  8. Gary Vaughan

    REI Hiking Backpack fits Phantom 4

    I'm a new Phantom 4 owner and I'm going hiking in Aspen in a few weeks and want to take my drone with me. My plan is to carry the Phantom foam case onto the plane with me, but I needed a backpack for hiking 14ers that would fit the drone and have enough support and room that I could fit some...