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  2. OmniDrone Aerial

    Friday Night Lights - High School Football Wisconsin

    Filming this gave me chills seeing as I played on this very field a decade ago. My father was/is a coach and the field is named after his father. I hope you enjoy!
  3. OmniDrone Aerial

    Mysterious underwater creature caught on video by drone - what is that thing???

    Hey guys, was reviewing footage when I spotted this 'thing' swimming across the river. So I made a little video in hopes that someone might be able to tell what it is - cuz I sure as heck don't know!
  4. OmniDrone Aerial

    OmniDrone Aerial Presents: A Collection of Epic Drone Video

    Hope you guys like it and if you do, show some love! Enjoy
  5. Golden.Phoenix

    THE HIGHLANDS | Peak District (Aerial Montage) Shot on P3P

    Hey everyone, Long time lurker - first time poster! Thought we'd share our first aerial video shot with the Phantom 3 Professional from our recent trip to the Peak District: Unfortunately we had to shoot "bare lens" here, had an SRP ND16/CP ordered which arrived an hour after we had left...
  6. Garrie

    Fukuoka, Japan: Aerial Showcase

    Aerial video of the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Filmed on Phantom 3 Professional in a day. 1080p @ 60fps DJI ND16 Filter ISO 100 Edited on iMovie on iPhone 6 Plus
  7. T

    Northern Chios - Canion fo Kampia , Orias Castle

    Hello everyone!.. I made this Video a few days ago... N A T U R E ! ! ! The best theme for video!! Here is the link Thank you!
  8. B

    [VIDEO] Tangalooma Island Resort w DJI Phantom 3 Professional aerial video Sony Handycam Australia

    [VIDEO] Tangalooma Island Resort w DJI Phantom 3 Professional aerial video Sony Handycam Australia Hi, I've just got the DJI Phantom 3 recently and brought it along during the trip to Tangalooma Island recently. Just to share some clips taken at the resort with the DJI Phantom 3 and a Sony...
  9. Skyeyevideo

    Mizpah Ecolodge in South Oxfordshire

    A cool place to stay - Mizpah Ecolodge in South Oxfordshire
  10. V

    Video: Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine.

    Aerial video of Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine. This video was shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro.
  11. youmdingding

    YoumiTrip - Volcanic Indonesia from above

    Indonesia is a beautiful country with a lot of active volcanos, and from up there it looks absolutely fantastic! I had the chance to go through this coutry during my journey and this video is a compilation of the aerial footage I took with my phantom 1. As usual, I hope you enjoy it! :-)
  12. H

    Sand Art Aerial Video along Dubai Beach

    We made the incredible aerial video with DJI Phantom 2 Vision +, Foream X1 and Gopro Hero 4. Check it out here and pls give me some suggestions.
  13. Alex Assenmacher

    Mallorca, a beautiful mediterranean island

    Hi there guys , I stayed one day in Mallorca this summer and managed to film a couple of beautiful places of the island. Here's the video, I hope you like it . Thank you!