aerial footage

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  2. We Talk UAV

    Post Production Basics-Lightroom Workflow 101

    Ok, some great videos in this area. Here are some of our secret tips (don't tell anyone, it is a secret.)
  3. G

    Country NSW Phantom Australia 4 Aerial Drone Footage

    short clip I took :)
  4. Skyer

    New Phantom 3 channel teaser

    Hi everyone! Here's a new video I've put together to showcase the collection of short films I've been creating with my P3A. As always, comments, likes, questions and new subscribers are much appreciated!
  5. Skyer

    Flying at the beach - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Finally got a chance to fly the Phantom next to the sea. This footage is from a recent trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  6. RCLifeOn

    Summer's Day in Sweden

    This was shot with the DJI Phantom 3 advanced at 2.7K 30fps. Even though I've flown multicopters and rc airplanes for many years, I'm still a newbie when it comes to controlling the Phantom. This was probably my third or fourth flight.