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  1. jlazz447

    (Need Advice) Commercial Shoot of Private Property

    Hello All! I have a difficult question I was hoping someone could shed some light on for me... I was recently contacted by a production company that wanted to use my drone video they saw online for part of a episode in their upcoming television show. The video was taken about a year ago and...
  2. F

    Noise/grain on video

    Hi all, I know that this subject has come up before but I've tried everything and I still seem to be getting some noise on my videos for some reason. I use a phantom 3 professional. Hoping for any other possible suggestions... When I shoot video I always use the following manual settings: 4K...
  3. mattyd58

    DJI GO App Suddenly Crashing Immediately and Successively

    It is hoped that I have posted correctly. If not please excuse my ignorance re-route me. I am freaking-out and desperate for help. You guys always have come through with solutions. I took a whole day off work trying to resolve this on my own – no success at all. I really need advice, please...