adobe premiere pro

  1. Kara Murphy

    What classes are you taking to improve?

    I'm currently writing an article about this, wondering anyhow: what photography classes, both online and off, are you taking to improve your photography and videography skills. I'm going to DJI Aerial Photo Academy next week and really enjoy Justin Odisho's videos for Adobe Premiere Pro...
  2. L

    Video Quality loss Adobe Premiere

    Hello First time editing a video of my Dji Phantom 3 standard. I am using Adobe premiere pro 2015. As a test i exported a video, but after exporting i have some quality loss it does not look as sharp as the original file. Using these settings Format: H.264 Preset: Match source - high bitrate...
  3. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Beaver Dam with Phantom 4

    I know its not the best edit in this world but enjoy. First time using adobe premiere pro
  4. P

    The Marsh - Phantom 4 Pro 4K Footage.

    Shot this on my second flight with the drone, unfortunately had to part with it but I will be picking one up again in the future. Shot in 4k at 30fps slowed down 20% and in the H.265 codec. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and used Triune Film Cinematic Lut pack for the grade.
  5. lumbra9foto

    How to correctly import-edit-export 4k footage in Premiere Pro

    Hi guys!! the thing here is that I want to be a contributor in videoblocks and finally started to record in 4K but the problem was after that: in the computer. You see I use adobe premiere pro but don't know how to import the files correctly, the edition part its not that much of a problem but...
  6. L

    Processing Video

    Could someone please share their post processing settings for Adobe Premier Pro or give me some ideas to adjust my footage better in Adobe Premier Pro C5. I tried the settings use by Tom Tech Time in his "How to export 4K using Adobe Premier Pro / Tutorial but they didn't work for me. My...