1. AustinSuit

    Phantom 4 ActiveTrack Problem

    Recently got a P4 and have been getting used to flying it and testing out all the different modes. I've noticed that my Active Track mode isn't framing my subject correctly. Its almost cutting the top half of the subject off. It's not centering the subject and placing them at the top of the...
  2. B

    Speed Limit and Active Track Questions

    I've been trying to figure out what I can do with the DJI GO app before moving over to something like Litchi or Autopilot. I'm flying a P4 with the latest firmware and v2.8.0 of the GO app. I was using Follow-Me the other day flying over water and tracking a boat I was riding in. It's clear...
  3. E

    Active Track P3P/A?

    Watching the presentation and the videos it doesn't seem like active track is a feature that uses anything other than the camera... Anyone got any ideas as to whether they think it will be pushed over firmware to P3P/A editions?
  4. CHunter415

    ActiveTrack for P3P/P3A

    I've seen the new features of the P4, and while the object avoidance is cool, I don't think its worth the $1400. The only feature that I think is worth it, is the ActiveTrack function. However this functionality doesn't appear to use the added cameras, rather seems to be software based with...