active tracking

  1. F

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro/ App Malfuction

    My drone crashed in the water after my App crashed. DJI just wants to give me 15% off a new one instead of replacing it. Has anyone else ran into this kind of issue?
  2. Enrique Salazar

    Newbie DJI Pilot (How to activate "Active Tracking" on a P4P?

    Hello everyone, It's my first time having a DJI P4P, I was previously flying a Bebop by Parrot (so glad I purchased this). However, I have been trying to figure out how to pull up the active tracking feature as well as the tap to fly. I don't see anything on my screen and have been going...
  3. T

    Go Mavic or not?

    I am new to the whole drone thing, having acquired my first drone - a Phantom 4 - about five weeks ago. Since then I've been clueing up avidly on the Mavic. A truly impressive machine indeed. Well worthy of the moniker 'magic Mavic'. But am I tempted to swap my P4 for a Mavic? Most definitely...