1. firepol

    Lend/rent drone - how to handle the DJI Go account?

    Hi, I wanna lend my drone to my brother, but I don't wanna give him my personal login and password for the DJI account. So I wonder how should I instruct him? He has to create his own DJI account, then when he connects the RC to his handheld device, opens DJI Go, login in Go he will simply see...
  2. Malakai

    Sketchfab, sharing 3D models and photogrammetry

    Hey guys n gals, shameless plug here, i need five people to sign up for a free sketchfab account via my link (Signup for a free account on Sketchfab) to help me out and get a pro account. As well as helping me out it also means you guys can share and photogrammetry models you have made on there...