1. B

    Accelerometer cable replacement?

    So I crashed my drone, and after replacing the broken propellers and vibration board, I was getting an accelerometer error. It was reading 16 G's so after googling, I determined this was the right fix: Fix for "NO MC DATA- ACCELEROMETER FAILED" if caused by impact. While lifting the ribbon...
  2. R

    Dji phantom 3 esc main board error fix

    Hi everyone my dad was an worker at DJI B.v. he knows everything how to fix stuff on the main board, so i put an advertisement on an website. and an person came with an phantom 3 pro with an esc accelerometer error. so he ordered an new main board (part33) it helped very well but i though what...
  3. pete76uk

    Parachute Failure from Cell Tower?

    I'm wondering if the parachute system I installed self deployed because of cell towers . The parachute is only supposed to deploy when the phantom flips to 80 degrees but I watched it open as I was hovering, panicking I tried to slowly lower it but that seemed to make the parachute shoot up and...