1. Paul55

    Battery Question - Temp

    Please advise: I have the P4P with no modifications using the ipad mini4......I have One - 5870mah battery and Two - 5350mah batteries (from my previous P4) Following most every flight with the P4 5350mah batteries the temperature is ranging from 60c to 70c (140f to 158f) however the P4P...
  2. mjdfano

    P4 Charging Hub with P4 Pro Batteries

    I just purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Charging Hub and I have a Phantom 4 Pro with 2 5870mAh batteries. The instructions that came with the hub indicated that its only compatible with PH4-5350mAh batteries. It seems to be working but will I damage the 5870mA batteries using this hub?