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  2. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Norway - Lyngør lighthouse during winter

    Hi guys! Checknout this clip from Norway, and the Lyngør lighthouse in winter. Bright light but no filters used. A little tweaking in post and stab on one backward jelly effect thats it :) A subscribe would make my day - if you care to ;)
  3. R

    DJI GO APP (Need help on editing)

    So I want to record 4k60fps but I want to remove some stuff from the video. I tried editing it with the app but when I uploaded it on YouTube it was in 720p. What do I need to do for the video to stay 4k60fps?
  4. M

    Best quality video settings in P4 Pro? 4K disappointing.

    Hello, I have spent some time trying to get the video in 4K better, but finally it always gets 'pixelized' after You Tube compression. Here you can find link to one video I prepare, first 50 seconds (and some parts further) are done with P4P. 4K, 30fps, h264, ND8 filter, 1/60 shutter, some...
  5. J

    4k video and converting

    Basic questions probably, but I've done a lot of photography with the drone and not a lot of video so not quite sure best way to shoot 4k. I see my video settings on the tablet in DJI GO 4 say im in 4k but I just have a few questions. 1) I have recorded some video my video in 4k (well the app...
  6. DronePilotOne

    4K video - and then what?

    So you come home with superb video, shot with the ultimate ISO, FPS, and shutter speed settings, having used the optimal filters...and now you want yo transfer and edit your genius aerial recordings in 4K. Only...your hardware doesn't do 4K, so now you either have to convert to a less desirable...