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  1. D

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  2. R

    Selling remote for Phantom 3 4k

    Hello, im selling phantom 3 4k remote perfect condition, used less than 15 times model: GL358wB
  3. R

    Losing Video Mid-flight

    We are trying to get video production going for use in topographic surveying with a Phantom 3 4k unit and have been testing it out using Litchi. For some reason the video keeps shutting down within 5 minutes or less of flight time. We do not lose connection with the drone but I am wondering if...
  4. TGPhotogrammetry

    For Sale - P3 Batteries (Used) + P3 Pro 4K Camera (New in Box)

    Greetings. Looking to sell four used P3P batteries and a new-in-box P3 Pro camera. Our P3P crashed the other day, and we're looking to part out what we can. The batteries are in good condition. The one that was in the P3P is scratched on the face, but seems fine otherwise. 4x Batteries -...
  5. K

    Replacing Phantom 3 Pro with Standard body. Will it work?

    Hello- We had an accident when filming in Arizona with our Phantom 3 Pro. Aircraft is done for, but the gimbal and camera detached and landed in a soft bush. Seems perfectly fine. No scratches, no "rattling" inside, and the 3 axis gimbal still has full range of motion. Ribbons and connectors...
  6. R

    Selling my DJI Phantom 3 4K bundle

    Hi, I am selling my Phantom 3 4K bundle package. I do not want 2 P3 at my home. It is brand-new (open box). Includes 3 batteries, 2 pair of props, USB drive, 64 GB sd memory card and accessories. I have attached P3 4K photographs. Price is $715
  7. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Beaver Dam with Phantom 4

    I know its not the best edit in this world but enjoy. First time using adobe premiere pro
  8. R

    4k camera on Drone 3 Standard?

    Which 4k cameras are compatible with the Drone 3 Standard?
  9. Twosteps75

    For Sale Phantom 3Pro/adv 4K camera

    Being a newbie I didn't check the compatibility for my Standard 3. So I paid $345 for a 4K camera upgrade, obviously it doesn't fit anything but a Phantom 3 pro/adv. Willing to sell for $300, payment via PayPal only. Can send pictures as needed. Still boxed, brand new, never used....because...
  10. Twosteps75

    Phantom 3Pro/adv 4K camera

    so I've tried to sell a brand new boxed 4K camera on eBay twice. Both times it "sold" it turned out to be scams. Are we allowed to advertise on here? What's the safest way to do this. These things are obviously not cheap so I want to make sure of that first and foremost.
  11. J


  12. J

    Great GOPRO adaptor for OSMO

    I found a couple of options for attaching OSMO to GOPRO mounts so I thought I would share. The JOBY action kit is by far the best option. I made a quick video for anyone interested. (Only my second vid, still improving)
  13. Dramface460

    Which cloth is best to use for phantom camera lens

    hey I have a few of these real thin and soft camera lens cloths and I have microfiber cloths. Should I stick with the thin camera lens cloths for cleaning or does it matter what I use? I have the vivid series polar pro lens' and want to make sure they are cleaned the correct way. Thansk ya all
  14. eaglegoaltender

    P4 Camera - black/white angle stripes

    Hi everyone - Just went straight up in my backyard with my P4 to grab a photo of a great sunset........... Everything seemed find on my iPad screen then when I got above some trees, the sky shot had black and white angular lines where the sky should be. Everything but the sky shot was fine -...
  15. Frank Morris

    4K Camera - Phantom 3 Advanced (It works!)

    After trashing my P3A the other month and wrecking the airframe and the gimbal/camera, I finally got it back from the repairers this week and first flight was today. I took the opportunity of the repair to upgrade the 2K camera to 4K. Some interesting things have since happened: a) I've now...
  16. I

    P3 4K not connecting USB to Mac

    Brand new P34K and mac running 10.11.3 Just upgraded from the standard 3... Shot some 4K video and can view it all in the app. but cannot get it to show up on my mac. I know its recognizing the cable being plugged in because when I plug it in, the camera drops to point straight down from being...
  17. L

    With the pro camera work with my 4k model?

    Ive been looking and I can't find anything anywhere. Ive wrecked my camera and Ive found a lot of used Professional cameras. I was wondering if they will work on the Phantom 4k? I don't think they're the same camera because on DJIs site the pro and 4k edition cameras are different prices! Any...
  18. L

    WTB: 4K Camera Board

    I am looking to get ahold of a mainboard from the 4k camera off of my Phantom 3 4k edition. Thanks!