1. tml4191

    3DR's New Site Scan App for DJI Drones

    If you are into aerial mapping, then check out 3DR's Site Scan app for your DJI Drone. DJI and 3DR Team Up to Launch Enterprise Drone Platform - WeTalkUAV
  2. B

    3DR Site Scan Drone-Designed for Construction and Engineering

    Many of you have heard about 3DR's step into the drone industry. The Solo was a good start with an unimpressive ending. Recently, 3DR has come back into the market with new product but one that is more aimed for professional, the 3DR Site Scan Drone.
  3. F

    F/S 3DR Solo Like New

    Hello, I am new on here and have a few of these available. They are the 3DR Solo's and each one is in the box with all of the accessories/controller. Used once and no longer needed. I am in the Boca Raton/South Florida area and can meet up in person. No shipping. $225 each. Thanks, Jay
  4. petaqui

    To Phantom or not to Phantom? That's the question

    Hi guys! I'm new at the forum, I've reading your threads and discussions for days, trying to solve my doubts, but still in problems... that's why I decided to create this topic. I'm a Pharmacist working in Spain, pretty young also (25 years old) but with lot of experience in photography, both...
  5. D

    New App For Dronography

    What do you think of this Horus: An Interactive Tool for Designing Quadrotor Camera Shots Looks really interesting, seems like 3DR is getting it first. Do you think some can code it for Phantoms?
  6. unclejas

    Labor Day Weekend 2015 in USA. Where are you going to fly?

    I'll be home mostly, but I'll film in and around Houston, TX. My dad and I fly every weekend. He owns a Solo and I have a P3P. We fly our birds simultaneously in the same field usually. He goes one direction and I head another. Of course, Labor Day itself will be a boon as we DJI customers...