3dpower brushless gimbal

  1. dynamic3dSolutions

    Osmo Solo Stand! Record self videos without holding Osmo. Holds 2 micro sd-cards & Reader.

    DJI OSMO Stand with Sd card slots and no slip feet. This stand was designed to hold the Dji OSMO hand held gimbal with phone. It also has 2 micro-sd card slots & 1 regular sd card slot (for a micro-sd Adapter) It also comes with 4 anti-slip pads so you don't have to worry about it sliding...
  2. E

    Phantom 2 Vision SimpleBGC 3DPower Gimbal

    I have been looking for hours for an answer to my problem, including searching this forum. My gimbal was working fine, then it started to drift. I made some changes using the 2.2 SimpleBGC software. Now the gimbal has lost all orientation and it gyrates in all axes uncontrollably. I tried...