3d printed

  1. K

    Unknown P3 accessoires

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a crashed P3 Standard for the spare parts to repair mine. I then discovered that the guy sent me more than just the drone. There were also 2 pieces (3D printed) which I think belong in some way to the controller. But I haven't seen such an accessoire for the P3 at...
  2. Giuseppe Finizia

    Free "Easy Snap-On Prop Guards"

    Hi guys, have a look at my "Easy Snap-On Prop Guards": No more screws and just few seconds to mount and unmount 4 propeller guards on the Phantom 3! If you have a 3D printer you can download the free STL model at: DJI Easy Snap-On Prop Guards by giufini
  3. dynamic3dSolutions

    3D printed part Ideas or Request for your Phantom 4

    If anyone has an idea for a 3D printed part you'd like for your Phantom 4 (that doesn't already exist or does exist but could be improved upon) , I have 15+ Years in design & 10+ in Quality. My prints are among the best around and I love to help out fellow flyers. I have designed & printed many...