360 video

  1. E

    How to save the 360 tiny planet seen on APP as a video file?

    Hello! I've seen how the DJI app stitches the 360 images in a very cool "tiny planet" animation. How do I save this animation? I guess I can't do it directly, but there is an easy software where I can upload the images and get the hi-res video file of the tiny planet spinning? thank you
  2. berndgill

    Mounting the Gear 360 Camera to a Phantom

    I recently bought a Gear 360 Camera to play around. Soon it was clear that it would be cool to mount it to my Phantom 4 Here is the first test video. To watch it you need a 360 enabled browser (e.g. Chrome) - and you need to put in youtube settings the resolution to 4K. This is how my setup...
  3. N

    Spherical video with the Phantom 3 4K

    Ok, I saw the mounts for the Solo and the Kodak SP360 4k cameras, and bought the Solo. But hated the Solo, had many issues, so I returned it, and got the Phantom 3 4K. But, as you know, no mounts for spherical video. Well, I mounted a pair of Kodak SP360 4k cameras to my Phantom.. And for a...