360 photo

  1. B

    A super quick Way to get your Pano on Facebook in minutes

    The new pano feature is really quick and simple to use, and can be manipulated and animated just a quickly. This was working on my iPhone but Still not on the DJI go 4 app for the crystalsky yet.
  2. G

    Any way to take Google Cardboard 360 images using the Phantom camera?

    Hi, I have recently really gotten into taking Google cardboard images. I find viewing these with a VR headset to be very immersive. I have searched the forums to see if anyone is usung an app to take Google cardboard compatible 360 images from the air. I assume this could be done by simply...
  3. chapsrlz

    Carso 360 (from skypixel)

    one of my entries to the 360 contest from skypixel. enjoy SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity comments, suggestions, thoughts?