360 panorama

  1. Helihover

    Having Fun w/ Litchi and Panos

    We had a blast making this video and think its pretty cool. If your interested in making 360 panos on your device with Litchi, check this out.
  2. Swells

    New Hangar 360 App Coming - Beta Testing Now

    I finally got the chance to Beta test the upcoming Hangar 360 app. The app is as simple as it gets. Turn everything on, open the app, press the takeoff button, automatically file to 300 feet, automatically take 23 pano photos, automatically land, automatically upload the photos to your device...
  3. Nacho Man Brandy Cabbage

    Flying Panorama missions with Litchi possible?

    Hi there, I am wondering if it's possible to create a mission in Litchi missionhub that lets my P4 automatically take off, go to the certain height, fly to a certain point, take a spherical panorama and then return to home. I don't want it to record any video during the mission. Does anyone...
  4. G

    Any way to take Google Cardboard 360 images using the Phantom camera?

    Hi, I have recently really gotten into taking Google cardboard images. I find viewing these with a VR headset to be very immersive. I have searched the forums to see if anyone is usung an app to take Google cardboard compatible 360 images from the air. I assume this could be done by simply...
  5. chapsrlz

    Paseo de la Reforma. 360 panorama

    another 360 panorama. if you like the photo, please give me a like in skypixel :) SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity