360 camera

  1. I

    Mounting Key Mission 360 to Phantom 3 Pro

    I need to find the easiest way to mount my KeyMission 360 to my Phantom 3 Pro Safely. I'm taking it on a trip this Saturday. I've never done anything modifying my drone like this before and am hoping that I'll be able to get it finished soon. I would like whatever the safest and/or easiest way...
  2. hblink93

    Seeking info on 360 camera on gimbal

    I'm considering adding 360 video/picutres to my hobby. From what I've researched, the fundamental problems (at least the ones people are talking about) are poor image/video quality, and the need to stabilize the 360 camera. I fly a Phantom 3 advanced which is not modified in any way. Right now...