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    Auto/Custom Channel Mode in iOS w/o Region change possible?

    Hi. I'm in the EU and use iOS as interface ("DJI GO 4" App version 4.2.14). My Channel Mode is locked to "Auto". "Custom" is greyed out and no way to enable it using "DJI GO 4" App. However I can change between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz manually. I read about this. Suggestions to change the Region to...
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    P3S 2.4 antenna leads broke during crash

    Good day! I am a new flyer and unfortunately crashed yesterday breaking the gimbal bracket which is an easy fix. But also broke the u.fl leads for the two 2.4 wires leading inside the unit. It is my understanding this cannot be crimped or soldered back together. I have researched the forum...
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    Wifi Extender (with battery)

    Hi Guys i am really having a hard time finding the perfect solution to this problem: Problem: PORTABLE wifi extender that is BATTERY POWERED and can be used on 2.4ghz to extend the range of the wifi of either gopro/sjcam/fc40 cameras. i looked at many of the tp-links but they all have a...