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    Professional What is the truth about the P3P FW update to 1.9.60

    I am getting so many mixed stories about people who got the new 1.9.60 FW update. I have seen post that they had no issues, and seen a lot post that their bird wont ascend or descend as fast and wont fly no where near as far because reduced power. Are there any hidden degrades in the FW? I know...
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    Professional Firmware update 1.9.60 June 21 2016

    Hi guys and gals! So I just updated my firmware to the newest 1.9.60 and everything went smoothly for my P3P and all 3 batteries. One question is about the remote controller/transmitter. It still shows 1.6.0. Is this normal? I tried updating the transmitter via USB drive as well as using a...