1. ImJim

    Video feed LAG since v. 1.9

    Hey, It's been a year since I haven't flied my P3A. I updated to v.1.9 before flying again. During the year, I had a new iPhone, (the 6S). When I did my first flight yesterday, I noticed a lot of sudden jumps, black and even green bars going through the screen, stops, huge delay (sometimes 7...
  2. Kevin M

    original firmware 1.9 battery update??????WTF

    I still have the 1.9 Firmware YES.... for a very good reason, its ROCK SOLID!! NO ISSUES ALL AROUND THE BOARD,.....I don't want and will not update firmware because I don't want or need all the bells and whistles. my issue is ,....I need to buy a new battery, can I just charge it and insert it...