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    AC Firmware 1.10.90 needed

    I am 99% sure that if I downgrade from 1.11.20 to 1.10.90, then I will be back in business. There is more about this in my other thread ---->> P3P Gimbal Dial Stopped Talking to Bird , Where can I find the .bin file for 1.10.90? I really wish I had archived the upgrade steps that I've taken so...
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    Firmware Debacle P3A

    So I hadn't used my P3A in 4 months or so and last week I took it out to fly it. DJI Go wouldn't connect to the drone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still wouldn't connect. I was able to spin up the props with the controller but no app. So I read up and really couldnt find anything that...