1080p setting

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    Best quality video settings in P4 Pro? 4K disappointing.

    Hello, I have spent some time trying to get the video in 4K better, but finally it always gets 'pixelized' after You Tube compression. Here you can find link to one video I prepare, first 50 seconds (and some parts further) are done with P4P. 4K, 30fps, h264, ND8 filter, 1/60 shutter, some...
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    How do I set P3 Pro to 60 fps?

    I just bought my phantom 3 professional over the holidays and have flown it about 25 times but I have noticed that it keeps pixelating when I try to video the flight. I read somewhere that it's better to put it on the 1080 P setting so that I can get 60 frames per second instead of the 4K at 30...