1080p 60mbps

  1. R

    Poor Quality Video at 60 fps 1080p

    I shot some 1080p 60 fps video on my Phantom 4 (P4) and was very disappointed by the quality. It looked blurry as if over compressed. I’m wondering if others have run into this, if it’s a well known problem, or... Here’s my thinking about it all: I understand that P4 max video throughput is 60...
  2. Trackman1

    1080p bit rate

    I am shooting in 1080p 60fps. Stop video to take some stills. Resume video. When I put the sd card in my pc there are two video files as expected. When looking at the file info I see the first file is at a bit rate of 26Mbps and the second files is 60Mbps. Today I shot one video and it is...