107 study

  1. C

    Typo in UA Study Guide

    TOTAL newb here. Studying to get my UA cert, just learning how to read TAF's. Stumbled across, what I think is a typo on page 18 of FAA-G-8082-22 (section pasted below). I don't see the part described on line 2 of the explanation in the example report. It looks to me like there should be a...
  2. U

    POLL CLOSED: Results of 107 Pass Rates?

    This is not for the Online Pt 61 test but the one you pay to take at the FAA test center! Please wait until you actually take the test! UPDATE 28OCT2016 Poll is closed and after 2 months of testing 58.7% Passed but felt it was challenging test 31.5% Breezed through the exam 9.8% failed...
  3. rickeyfitts

    Some help to prepare for the 107 Exam!

    I am not a pilot of manned aircraft, but I've been flying my P3A for a little over a year, and have reluctantly passed on multiple opportunities to fly for $. So I've been waiting impatiently for the 107 stuff to shake out, and on July 28th I paid my $150 to CATS and am now scheduled for the...