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    Brushless Motor Lubrication

    Sell the batteries on ebay. Sell the P2 for parts. If the camera is working, sell it separated from the drone itself. This should help defray the cost of the $1500 Mavic 2.
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    New PH4 Pro V2.0 Props — WAY TIGHT!

    Simply put, there are some tighter-than-need'be P4P V2.0 blades out there. Wrap a piece of innertube around the motor for grip and be sure to press and turn in the correct direction. It will come off with patience and the innertube piece.
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    Cracks in arms near motors.

    I just sent my V 2.0 back to DJI for a fix for the exact same crack issue...on the two back arms, just forward of the motor. This is a fairly new Phantom and I was surprised as I treat it very well. I hope they fix it under warranty instead of using my one Refresh chip.