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    WTB Phantom 3 Professional 4K camera and gimbal

    A friend of mine owns a P3 Pro and decided because he cannot edited video/photos, he just wants to fly the quad L.O.S. due to his limitation of using a tablet to fly the quad any distance while using the app. He gave me the camera today thinking I could use it on my P3S, but of course it won't...
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    WTB Phantom 3 Professional 4K camera and gimbal

    Are you still needing a camera? If so, I may have what you need.
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    Comment by 'williehilljr' in media 'Savannah Rapids Headgates'

    Thanks for the kind remarks. To be on-site at this historical location is impressive.
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    South Dalton England.

    Nicely done! Short & sweet...
  5. Grovetown Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Grovetown Wastewater Treatment Facility

    In 2017, I purchased a used Chroma 350QX & from a nearby park I flew my first training flights over to our city's new treatment plant. Then in 2018, I purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and got permission to document the construction in exchange for letting me come on property and continue my flight...
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    The moving of a new school

    Excellent work both in camera shots, flying, & editing. You should be proud of this brief documentary.
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    Best YouTube video for complete novice P3S

    After I purchased my P3S a few months ago I did an extensive binge on YT videos and saved a folder of the best links to help me get a jumpstart on the quad. Here's my email address if you want me to send them to you so you can save yourself some time searching: [email protected] I hope this...
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    Savanna Rapids Headgates

    Thanks for the comment. The P3 is so much better than flying the Chroma. That quad drove me crazy!
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    Savanna Rapids Headgates

  10. Savannah Rapids Headgates

    Savannah Rapids Headgates

    After becoming disappointed with the performance of my Blade Chroma QX350 I invested in a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and this is my first video flight to test ou...