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    Video of the ZENMUSE Hero Phantom Gimbal in Action

    Don't be fooled by that Amazon listing... I don't think that seller has anything to do with DSLR pros - they just put that in the description for SEO. I wouldn't believe delivery quotes from anyplace that's not an authorized DJI dealer.
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    The Phantom Gimbal on an F550

    Is there any reason why this gimbal can't be used on an F550 with Naza V2 controller... you know, when it comes out?
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    DJI vs 3rd Party Gimbal

    In theory, isn't the DJI gimbal going to be lighter and more accurate since it takes its cues from the Naza controller and not an external controller that's not at all connected to the actual flight of the Phantom? Also, I would think that an outboard sensor's accelerometer would have a...