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    bad day for me and my T1000 ironman

    ok, damage was not so bad. Repairs costed me up to 100, but i had to redo both top plates, they were holding almost all equipment and redo all servo leads (i have them inside the booms). It was few hours job and now we back in business :) What i learned is never feed servo motors from same BEC...
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    bad day for me and my T1000 ironman

    well, i did just test flight. I was waiting for delivery of another BEC which arrived today .... Anyway, it was my big mistake. Before i used the only one BEC on board, i had pluged separate battery to it. For unknown reason, i changed my mind and use that only BEC :) My LEDs are also powered...
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    bad day for me and my T1000 ironman

    well, i have bad luck from beginning. I crashed it few times (nothing too bad tho) and reason was cloned AMP Ardupilot. Then, when i figured , that APM was cheap clone, i bought brand new Pixhawk. Must say, easy to install and worked out of the box. I did save trim and auto tune. All end up...
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    Fixing DJI's Compass Problem

    Oooops, sorry. So what is going on with my Phantom than ?
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    Fixing DJI's Compass Problem

    having same issue. V1.1.1, in ATT does not hold altitude, in GPS no altitude hold as well and flights all over. Have green flashing, did Advanced calibration so many times, MOD 1554 and all values in good range. I replaced all 4 motors, and just ordered new compass. Getting tired of it.
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    my Phantom shots was used in this video ! :)

    There is not many, but still some ;) It was extremely windy that day and i crashed only once on the beach ;) enjoy
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    Exotic cars, frozen lake etc...

    nice man, next time you know about that kind of meet up, let me know. i have to be there :)
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    Smooth pan and tilt achieved!

    great job man. I would like to see some pic or video of your mods. great video BTW
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    Pack with Checked baggage or carry-on?

    is it enough just have them in my DJI hard case ? I have 5 batteries. Can i put them into luggage so they dont go thru security ?
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    Pack with Checked baggage or carry-on?

    im leaving next week, Have fly from Newark nj - Zurich Switzerland - to Budapest Hungary I have my Hard case and im taking Phantom with me. How should i carry LiPo batteries ? can they be inside hard case or they must be in luggage ? Thx
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    MX video from NZ

    cant believe, you made it with Phantom !!! It looks very professional. Great job man. Did you fly with fatshark FPV ?
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    Phantom 1.1.1 flight times

    Vision props zenmus gimbal FPV iOSD GoPro3 black plus two battery tray on 1 battery about 8 min. on 2 batteries about 12 min. All in this cold weather from +2C to -6C
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    beautiful video lands youth in French court

    ok, nice video but ... too much of WIDE ANGLE . I think, it just destroyed most of the great job you did
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    Is it illegal to fly a quad??

    Sorry man, only troll and clown in here is you ... S
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    Is it illegal to fly a quad??

    how can i LIKE this post ??? :) K+