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    Mavic vs Phantom 4

    All those haters, you know who you are, the Phantom 4 owners. Get over it, there seems to be no comparison to the benefits of owning the Phantom 4 over the new Mavic. I came to my senses, I had to sell and buy the new Mavic. I came to the realization that I was not shooting Major Motion Picture...
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    Mavic vs Phantom 4

    I agree, I wouldn't like to transform my compact RC into a large iPad controller.
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    Frank's Story

    Hello Frank, It seems like you're calibrating the wrong direction. The copter should be calibrated in a COUNTER-Clockwise direction. Not sure how important it is to go in the direction they instruct....who knows
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    Just ordered my P3A

    Aren't these near impossible to crash?
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    Why do you have to attach your tablet via USB cable to remote?

    Hello all, I had a Phantom 3 Standard for a short time and now am getting a Phantom 3 Advanced. My question is why do you have to attach your tablet or smartphone to the remote radio controller with a USB cable? This wasn't required with the P3Standard. Is this required? It doesn't work...
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    I'm very happy with this hard travel case for my Phantom 3

    Try this link:
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    My longest stock run -1.52 miles.

    Hi Tony, was that with just the stock antenna?
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    What is the max size SD card that can be used in the Phantom 3?

    Is there a maximum size SD card? From what I understand I should use a class 10. Can I use a 128gb SD card, class 10? Is that size compatible?
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    Any Tips flying over water?

    Hi everyone, I just got my Phantom 3S and haven't had the opportunity yet to fly it of any distance over 25 feet away from me due to gusty winds. My backyard is located on a lake and I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips about how to safely fly over bodies of water. I know I am probably...
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    I'm very happy with this hard travel case for my Phantom 3

    $199 with free shipping.
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    QUESTION: Does the Home Point automatically set?

    OK, great....I haven't taken it out for a long distant yet. I just wanted to make sure I don't lose this investment :-) Thanks for the feedback from all :-)
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    QUESTION: Does the Home Point automatically set?

    Hello, I have a question.... When I lift off with my Phantom 3 S, does the "Home Point" automatically set within my DJI Go app? OR, do I need to set it manually? Before or after lift off?
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    I'm very happy with this hard travel case for my Phantom 3

    I just purchased my Phantom 3S and chose this hard travel case to store it in. I have to say I'm really happy with my selection. It easily stores my Phantom 3 along with: Detachable prop guards 4 batteries total Charger Controller Props and spare props Hardware 7" tablet Owners manual packet...
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    DBS vs ARGtek

    I received the ARGtek antenna this week. I just got my P3S this past week as well so I will be taking it out with the stock OEM controller/antenna this weekend in an open environment to test the BEFORE results... Then I will take it to the same environment after my installation of the ARGtek...
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    Rca notebook

    I have an RCA Voyager tablet 7" that I was able to setup with the DJI Go app but I had to go about it this way since I couldn't just download it from the Google Play Store..... Go to settings Go to security Go to device admin And select the switch to turn on "allow unknown sources" After that...