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  • Hey Thunderdrones, I came across your classified ads for phantom 3 remotes. You wouldn't happened to have phantom 3 batteries for sale or would you? I am looking few that are working or not for a cheap price.
    Hi Creetings from Finland
    Found you here as so many.

    I wo der if y can assaist
    I bought by mistake P4p+. And not working fro aerial mapping. So I need P4p controller. Do you have?

    Alsi i got free a crached P4p drone and i suppose needed gimbal rol and yew arm, possibly wire.
    Upper and lower shell and legs. Possibly somethin else.

    Gratefull for coments

    Cheers William
    I have a P3P and the original camera was damaged in a crash. It is cocked in roll when it comes online, and the azimuth seems off a bit. It does seem to work and does record. I think it needs an alignment/adjustment. I replaced it with a new one and that has worked out great. Do you work on cameras? Can you attempt a repair? I am in South Carolina and can send it or bring it.
    Crashed my P3S, Camera/Gimbal assembly detached from the copter during the crash. I replaced the ribbon flex cable with a cheap one from Amazon. Everything works but the gimbal. It doesn't dance on start up, it doesn't do anything at all. The AC connects to DJI GO with no problem. I get a error message on the DJI GO app that says "Gimbal Gyroscope Error. Hardware Malfunction-Contact DJI Support" Any ideas?
    I was sent to you from my reddit post, I have a Phantom 4 with a stress crack on the top part of the shell. Others have told me that it's fine, just glue it. The bottom shell is what the motors are attached to. What are your thoughts? It's about 14 months old, crack happened while test flying after a firmware update. Here's a link to the photo
    Thunderdrones, I attempted to send you money through PayPal for the new remote and shipping fees, PayPal is indicating a problem. Can you send me a payment request?
    Heer is my email [email protected] for two batteries. I can pay cash. How about125 for two. Somebody posted that hey are all gone WTF? Did you just blow me off or whatis going on
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