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    Switched from P4P to Mavic...

    So I switched from my P4P to a Mavic. I thought this might be a bad idea due to the fact that the P4P camera is quite honestly amazing... On receiving the Mavic and seeing how small the camera was, I thought for sure I had made a bad decision and sacrificing quality for size would be disastrous...
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    Flying near a wind farm? (UK)

    I think with laws regarding drone flying, what your common sense is telling you is often probably right. Thought I'd check though. Just need to know if they will cause significant interference now..
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    Flying near a wind farm? (UK)

    So I have a question - they've just finished building an off-shore wind farm. Provided I keep line of sight, is there any law against flying near to record the change of scenery? I'm talking about staying about 100ft away.
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    Phantom More Reliable Than Mavic?

    I assumed that I wouldn't be the only one thinking the same. I am about to buy a Mavic and have been concerned about the Mavic malfunctioning and flying away but I too assume it must be because of people new to drones.
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    PH4 Pro RTH - obstacles above

    Thanks! This is active when "smart" RTH is off, correct?
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    PH4 Pro RTH - obstacles above

    Is there a way of getting the drone to take the same route back as the one it originally took before it initiated RTH?
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    Phantom More Reliable Than Mavic?

    I've been over on Mavic Pilots since the beginning and on here since shortly after the Mavic started shipping.. Is it just my imagination or does it seem like there are a lot more Mavics flying away than there are Phantoms? Any ideas why? Or maybe you disagree?
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