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    DJI wants you to call if you have shell cracks

    If you want stiffer, longer, use a cotton swab and apply some Viagra.
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    Bored of flying

    Sell the P3 and come racing with us (see avatar).
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    Waterproof cases for Phantom 3

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    FPV lag; tablet operating temps

    I talked with my Apple tech last week. I suggested a damp cloth behind the Air 2. He didn't see any reason why that wouldn't work to help cool things down. Just be sure it is damp, not wet, he said.
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    3 seconds exposure with P3P

    You got me. Sorry if I over-reacted. Appreciate your sense of humor.
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    3 seconds exposure with P3P

    Sure does. Do you want to explain "screenshot" to me? I just don't get it.
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    3 seconds exposure with P3P

    Jeez...what does "Screenshot" mean?
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    What case or backpack are you using

    Me too...the MicroRaptor case is the bomb!
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    Man Attacks Drone. Gets Bit....

    Sigh...keyboard macho.
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    400 and BELOW!!!

    I just thought it was such a stupid statement that he couldn't possibly be serious. If he is serious he is a substantial danger to our hobby as well as aircraft that are permitted to fly in those spaces. I'm with you 100%.
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    400 and BELOW!!!

    Don't bother...he's just joking...messin' with you.
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    Public demonstration of the P3 today

    Had an interesting day today. I was invited to display my P3 at a local robotics festival (I used to build robots from scratch). This festival was held in a college building in the middle of the college grounds. I brought my P3, set it up and answered questions for a few hours. Also exhibiting...
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    P3 Bought today, return tomorow

    So much for plug-n-play.
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    Old Fart Fliers.

    74 here. Not a camera or video guy. After 20 years flying FAI and IMAC and RC racing...F1 back in the day, RC sailing, now scale hydroplanes (see avatar). Just fascinated with the technology of a P3. Got one just to check it out.
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    My P3 Case

    Let us know what you think.