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Nov 23, 2015
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Florida and New York
Disabled Veteran
    1. Ted4797
    2. Ted4797
    3. WV. Rootman
      WV. Rootman
      Hey buddy, I hope you recover well. I’m holding off, but I wish I could get around better. I had to retire early. Don’t like it much, because I still can’t do anything. Tell me if it is the answer when you get back on your feet?
    4. Ted4797
      1. Oso
        I am one of many here who have seen all of the help you have provided these past few years including videos, individual step by step help and even with free parts at times. I myself have often recommended you to people in trouble. I hope you continue as a valuable contributor to this forum as you have been all of this time.
        Mar 15, 2018
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    5. Tsacch
      Hey. I just picked up two more P3S with five batteries, 2 controllers and tons of extras with military grade case. One camera works great but has a bent yaw arm and comes with a replacement yaw arm already......the other drone is missing the camera. So for now my other project is gonna take a back burner as I can just fix this yaw arm and I’m done. Or I may sell them to pay for this habit!!!!
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    6. Danmorg94
      1. Ted4797
        I "pm"ed you
        Feb 6, 2018
    7. Ted4797
      Repairing P4Pro today. It is a mess. Should have it flying this afternoon.
    8. Kevflyinhigh
      How much do you want
    9. Ted4797
      I'm here. If you want a quick response from me start a conversation, don't post on this page.
    10. lovellwb
      Ted, I'm in Ocala and need a p4 camera/gimble. When is a good time to purchase?
    11. FlyingCircles
      Hey Ted, I think we discussed this in the past but want to ask again to see if any new fixes has been discovered. My P3P camera points slightly left of center and I have tried every calibration but to no avail. Anything new on this that you're aware of?
    12. Ted4797
      waiting for parts from Texas. It is going to be a long wait
    13. Bill t
      Bill t
      Ted quick question downloaded software to my phone, appears to connect to drone, able to calibrate gps, control camera. I am using the take off and hover control until I get used to things. It says in my screen active aircraft but nothing happens, any suggestions. I have not installed a SD card yet, do I need to for flight?
      1. Ted4797
        Is this a new drone? Yes it needs to be activated. Which drone is it?
        Aug 29, 2017
    14. Ted4797
      being cool
    15. JJSTC4
      Hey Ted, my P4 is at the bottom of the ocean. Do you have a P4 drone only for sale?
    16. Daytona
      Hey Ted, where in FL are you. I am just South of Daytona Beach.
      1. Ted4797
        I am in Clermont which is 30 minutes NW of Orlando just off the turnpike at the Route 50 exit
        Mar 5, 2017
    17. djl7780
      Hi Ted,
      Do you have any P3 Advanced 2.7k Camera/Gimbal's available? If so how much?
      1. Ted4797
        Yes I do. It is fully tested and ready to ship. The cost is $195 and that includes shipping CONUS
        I am going on vacation Sunday for a week so if you need it right away we would have to ship today or tomorrow.
        Pay by PayPal [email protected]
        Dec 2, 2016
      2. Ted4797
    18. shangl
      Hi Ted, how much will you pay for a p3a camera/gimbal assembly that has red/white dot in the footage, especially at 2.7k resolution?
      And, don't know if you are interesting or not, a p3a mainboard which has a bad esc for motor #2
    19. Ted4797
    20. FS150HZ
      https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/28339175186/

      Hi Ted, here is the issue I am having with my main gimbal board that I mentioned further down the list, in case you haven't seen it. The cable clip solder connection broke, and no one I've talked to (electricians) believe it is possible to solder a new one on. I'm not sure if using a toaster oven is an option, as I've seen people do SMD soldering that way.
      1. Ted4797
        I need to see what it is u are having problems with. Why don't you email me. This PM function on here sucks as I never get notified.
        [email protected]
        Jul 25, 2016
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    Florida and New York
    Disabled Veteran
    I am a disabled Veteran from the Vietnam war.