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    Failsafe earlier than expected

    I am also experiencing sudden auto landing fail safe on fully charged batteries. I start up and takeoff normally with blinking green light with full GPS lock and the Phantom will fly normally for about 30 seconds and then begin flashing rapid red LED and immediately land. I have 4 batteries...
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    Help with Futaba T8J

    Thanks GIzmo- I just saw your post and actually flight earlier tested today with only -45% EXP for Chan 1, 2, & 4 set on switch A. I honestly didn't see any appreciable difference, maybe because I also need to set the D/R's like you did. Eeven with thr switch off I was able to control well, I...
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    Help with Futaba T8J

    Thanks, that would be very helpful and much appreciated if you could post your screen shots of your Expo and throttle curve settings
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    Help with Futaba T8J

    I have successfully swapped my stock TX & RX with pt his Futaba T8J. Thanks to DJIguys on YouTube and their instructional videos to do this upgrade. Can anyone give me a step by step on how to now program in negative exponential on the control sticks as well as set a throttle curve to "calm...
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    DJI Innovations Phantom, How Many Defective?

    Get real! You should quit while you're ahead of the game, many others were not as fortunate. You are VERY lucky that DSLRPro's did what they did for you. I applaud them but also think they're crazy to have done so and suspect they only did so in fear that you threatened to trash them on this...
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    GPS Complete Failure in Flight

    I have had the Phantom for a week now and am on my second unit; had to return first Phantom to B&H Photo for an exchange which was not a problem. What happened was this: on my second day and 6th flight, after taking off in GPS ATTI with 6 or more satellites locked and rapid green flashes...