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    Anti-Glare screen covers question

    This is one issue I wrestle with constantly especially at certain times of the day. I find myself hiding beside my vehicle or trying to find shade so I can see what I am shooting. Great thread and information. Thanks
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    Why Did You Buy Your P3P?

    Case and extra batteries are a must if you are going to transport it anyway other than just out the front door of the house. I got the P3A when it was just released and ordered a hard case and 2 extra batteries. The case fits nicely into the back of my SUV where I have the charger plugged in...
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    Carbon Fiber Reinforced Props

    Ordered a few sets of these about a month ago and installed them on one of the P3A I was using for on a couple of jobs. I feel it was quieter and liked the look of them. Feel and control was what I expected and I would say the same as the OEM 9450's I have been using until now.
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    New to drones and new to forums

    All great advice. Get into good habits from the beginning in respect to your preflight routines. If you have little or no experience it might be good to have prop guards at first. Catch landings are good but watch the props. Make sure all calibrations are ok and home point has been updated...
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    Flight nerves

    I use my P3 advanced for professional and personal use. Sometimes multiple flights at multiple locations per day. If I can offer any advice is always do a good preflight routine so you can have all the confidence before take off. I have witnessed people who do not do the required reading and...