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    P3S- Still Confused

    Have the Flight Restriction settings been review? The max flight height in particular. This youtube video talks about these settings:
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    radio firmware failed!

    Has the controller been reset? see the last post on the following link: phantom 3 controller firmware update failed, not turning on anymore!
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    radio firmware failed!

    On the P4 controller those are charge level leds for the controller. Not sure about the P3 controller.
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    Monday shakes

    I have yet to experience that, but I can only imagine the Adrenalin rush!
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    Nova Scotia Drone Video

    I still have on my bucket list, to visit the east coast!
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 standard its just BEEPINGGGGGGGGG HELPPPPPPPPPPP

    Try uploading DJI FW and see what happens, I guess...
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 standard its just BEEPINGGGGGGGGG HELPPPPPPPPPPP

    Concur with Oso modded FW see: digdat0/P3I1_FWProject Note the last line: ..." modifications will persist on the aircraft. They will remain until you reflash the stock firmware."
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    Cant log in

    Found an older related post, that may help: Problem with launching Litchi on Galaxy Tab S2
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    Cant log in

    Can you access your account from another device or is it all devices?
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    One of my favorites

    Nice shot it, no mosquitoes here (right now)!
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    speed error and crash

    Was GPS enabled?
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    Three motor flight.

    I don't think that is being said, hex-copter can provide motor redundancy for a single motor failure. See: Quadcopters, Hexacopters and Octocopters: What Are the Differences? – The Drone Files
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    RAW Phantom 4Pro footage of severe flooding in my small town near Seattle.

    That's incredible, the water is moving fast.
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    How to find NOTAMs and/or TFRs in Canada

    I found this site but can't make heads or tails of the reports: CFPS - Alphanumeric Weather Recall Also found this map, but no information about helicopters in the area: Zulu for Pilots - Interactive Notam Map for Canadian Pilots
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    Advanced Need some help navigating through DatCon

    I tried using Datcon with no success, so I can't help..., but maybe this link can: How to retrieve a V3 .DAT File from the AC