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    Firmware upgrade is required? It already has been upgraded!

    I have the same issue exactly. Doesn't seem to impact anything except I can't livestream because the app thinks I need to upgrade the firmware.
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    Check your RTH Height

    That's the same issue I was having. Is re-linking an option in the app somewhere? I must have missed it. Thanks!
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    Weirdness with live streaming...

    No I haven't, I'll give that a try. Thanks!
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    Weirdness with live streaming...

    That was the firmware from the day the app was released right? Yes, I successfully updated both the P3 and the remote. In fact, it wouldn't connect until I flashed the firmware.
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    Weirdness with live streaming...

    It's working for iOS but not Android. This is why I was quite surprised to see this error message in the iOS version of the Pilot app :/
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    Tablet Editing App - Android (KineMaster)

    Very nice! I've also used an app called "VideoShow" and "Magisto" is very nice if you want a Google + style "autoawesome" hands off approach.
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    New phantom rough landings

    Hand landing is def. the way to go. I've been flying a Phantom for a grand total of 2 days and even I can put it right in my hand gently. Folks who have experience coming from a P2 will have no problems with this whatsoever.
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    Weirdness with live streaming...

    Using iOS app on iPad Air 2 / P3A / updated firmware and all is perfect. Tried to fire up the YouTube streaming tonight and I get an error that says something to the effect of, "Live streaming is not enabled for this aircraft. Stay tuned for our next firmware update." Has anyone else had this...
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    Another P3 crash in a field with pic

    Isn't the VPS kind of unnecessary outdoors anyway? Maybe I'm wrong, but I just assumed the VPS was geared more toward indoor flight where GPS wasn't an option.
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    Just bought a P3

    Head to Amazon and grab a Syma X5-C1. Spend a couple weeks crashing it and learning how to fly and be out $60 for the experience. Going from flying something like that to flying the P3 is like going from a Pinto to a self-driving Tesla.
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    Aircraft upgrade required

    do you have the extracted update in the root directory of the sd card? Remember to unzip (extract) it first.
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    Panoramic Photos

    Cool. Autoawesome is the only thing Goog + is good for. I had no idea it stitched though. Thanks!
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    True Love!

    Batteries have never been so high on my priority list in my life!
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    Panoramic Photos

    Very nice! Does Goog + do that via autoawesome or do you just select the photos and tell it to stitch?
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    If I film my work I can write the P3 off right?!? (1st footage...)

    My first attempt at video :) 1080p/60 fps