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    My house video

    Hi, I have my gimbal away for repair so tried without. Just a quick video of my house.
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    My First Little Project

    Hi, My mates run a great pub in Cornwall (UK) so I made a little film for them to put on their website. Hope you like it enough to come down for a pint!! Cheers
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    Short clip of Autumn.

    Studiowise...thanks for the comment. You are right, on YouTube the video lost some vibrancy in the colours and video was also jerky. Whilst uploading it said there were some sync issues. Never had that message before. Flycatchers....The gimbal came with a camera mount kit which I had to modify...
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    Short clip of Autumn.

    Hi Guys, The wind has finally dropped after three weeks of gales & frustration of not having good conditions to fly my new Phantom, managed to get some footage close to my house before the gales resumed! Filmed using GoPro Hero and a £30 damped pivot gimbal. I would appreciate any thoughts on...
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    My First Video with the Phantom

    Hi, I have seen some fantastic videos being produced using the Phantom....I just wanted to have a go myself. I am using the Hero 2 with a damped pivot gimbal (can't afford a motor one as yet). I've had my Phantom for 2 weeks and today was the first day of light wind. Been practising in heavier...
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    Damping Pivot Gimbal

    Hi, My first post on this site and I am after any thoughts on the damping pivot gimbal as opposed to an active gimbal. Check out what I am looking at here At the moment I am not able to buy the Zenmuse (my...