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    A question about exposure

    Hi PhiliusFoggg, I am also a pro photographer and this is my opinion from my point of view. Although they are linked in the photography world, exposure has a different function from HDR, or it doesn't depends on it. Why I say that? Well, without all the tech jargon, you control the exposure...
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    Bonjour à tous

    Bien sur Gilles47... Bienvenue!!! Nous espérons vos belles photos de la France tout à l'heure mon ami...
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    Bonjour à tous

    Hi guys, This is the translation: "I am a happy owner of a P4P and fly it in France at different places. See you soon in the forum." Regards,
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    Part 107 Test

    No need to be freaked out... The course is broken down in several domains that from them you must learn mostly the concepts and how to read map charts, weather reports, etc. No big deal because everything is in the materials you could buy, so go step by step. In my experience, I first bought the...
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    Ciao dall'Italia

    Benvenuto Nando... Ci sono alcuni di noi che conoscono l'italiano e speriamo d'essere di grande aiuto per Lei.
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    Help! Overexposed and bland photos - Phantom 4 Pro.

    Hi rjohnc3, All of the tips here are fine, but when flying it's better to have the easiest and quick solution because you must have more focused on your bird. I am a seasoned photographer and my advice would be to only change the EV (Exposure Compensation) setting on the right dial as mentioned...
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    First pic

    Hey! Pictures are nice... Just play with the exposure setting, use a filter and do some post-editing work, because nothing is perfect. Congrats buddy!
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    Owned Real Estate FAA Requirements

    Well, don't fly commercially is what he meant. You can still fly as a hobbyist, but take into account the laws and regulations. Good luck!
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    Hello everyone

    Hi Hornet Builder, There are quite a few, it all depends on what you can afford and your own purposes and interests: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro (Apple Macs), Corel VideoStudio, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Pinnacle Studio are the most popular. Personally, I purchased and use CyberLink...
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    How to set way points for vertical flights in Litchi?

    I'll try and hope it works... Thank you!!!
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    How to set way points for vertical flights in Litchi?

    Thank you for the advice... I'll try it then...
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    How to set way points for vertical flights in Litchi?

    But how am I gonna know if a second way point was dropped on the top of the first? How am I gonna tap on it?
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    How to set way points for vertical flights in Litchi?

    Hello Everyone, I need someone to help me... I'd like to set up a couple of way points in Litchi, but vertically (height) and do the flight. For example, I'd like to tape the facade of a building or a house and cannot do it because I only can see the map from above in 2D, horizontally. My logic...
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    Czech Republic in 4K :)

    There are a lot amazing shots there, but some of them went against the sun... I'd suggest you to use a filter. The speed is good, too. Congrats!!!