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    Help guys, goodluckybuy gimbal setup

    Someone on the facebook phantom group said it will just work when hooking up the power. You only need the control cable if you want to enable the tilt using the 7th channel on the stock controller (or any other controller if you mod your phantom). So juts hook up the power to the extra phantom...
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    FatShark Attitude V2 - what do i need? :(

    Read this post: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1599 The 2nd post (mine) has a link to the cable you need if you have a GoPro 3 (GoPro 2 uses a different cable, also sold by readymade). All the other info you need is in the thread I linked.
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    NEW FIRMWARE: 3.14

    I wrote a HOWTO for this using VirtualBox for free:
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    Flyaway survey responses needed!

    What I would like to see is a way to check where the Phantom thinks the last "home" position was. It sounds to me like the phantoms are losing connection with the transmitter and switching to RTH mode, but the "home" location is somehow getting set wrong, resulting in them trying to fly off to...
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    Need help setting up Fasthark FPV! Please!

    I haven't done any comparisons of flight time. I usually keep it around 6-8 minutes a flight if I'm over water or some other place that would be hard to get the quad back. 10 minutes sounds short, but when you are flying around it feels much longer. The video TX is really light, the main weight...
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    Flyaway survey responses needed!

    Yeah I agree with a lot of your points, many of these could be pilot error and that's part of what I wanted to filter out via the questions. If we do another survey I'll definitely add some of your suggestions to make the results better.
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    UAV laws and regulations; repository of citations?

    I like the idea. A good start would be to collect all of the locations in a database with consistent meta data (title, descriotion, location (lat/long coords) and keywords, etc.). Although some of those are kind of a blanket restriction, like the sporting events one. Could be as simple as a...
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    Newbie questions (1st flight today)

    Not sure about the red blinks, but if you look in the NAZA control software you can adjust the voltage that triggers the red blinks and the failsafe, and calibrate the voltage... so that could potentially fix that issue - or you could just ignore it while doing high-speed climbs :) The GPS hold...
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    Flyaway survey responses needed!

    Also worth noting is that with the 3.14 firmware you can assign "Manual mode" to your right tx switch, which is apparently a potential fix for the loss of control. But be warned: it can be tricky to fly in manual mode, so you might want to practice it a bit first so you are ready if it happens.
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    Flyaway survey responses needed!

    There's 155 responses as of today, and the rate has dropped off a bunch, so we seem to have gathered all we can. ... wanalytics I wrote up a summary on another phantom board, which I'll copy here: I wrote this up when it was at 120 responses, looks like...
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    Need help setting up Fasthark FPV! Please!

    I bought the Spironet antennas when I ordered the goggles since they are so cheap and everyone raves about them. I've never even tried using them without the upgraded antennas, so can't speak to the performance boost. I will say that the farthest I've gone is only about 250m away in a *very*...
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    Turnigy 9XR + Orange DSM2 on Phantom

    Bump. I'm looking in to upgrading my Tx (and hence, Rx). The Turnigy looks like a great deal, but what's a good option for the Tx/Rx modules? The EzUHF looks pretty sweet, but probably a bit of overkill for what I'd use it for (just local flying fairly short distances like on vacation and...
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    Go Pro Hero3 & Fat Shark Goggles?

    The Predator kit does come with a little camera, so it's a full ready to go system. If you buy the slightly nicer goggles, the Attitude SD, they do not come with a camera (or a battery) so you have to use your GoPro as a camera with an extra cable like this one[1] or buy a different compatible...
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    Need help setting up Fasthark FPV! Please!

    Also important: Don't plug in your video TX without the antenna connected, that's very bad and can fry the board.