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    Dolomites - Beautiful Mountains in Europe!

    Very nicely done!
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    Long battery flight time

    About the only use I could think of for personal use would be a time lapse of sunset/sunrises. But at that cost, I'm Out.
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    P4P Remote Switch

    here is the chart of DJI controllers for you...
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware Updates

    Have you re-linked the controller to the AC?
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    BBC Documentary Parody about Drones that I made.

    That is well done!
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    Navigation System Error, Check Redundancy State P4P V1

    Lastnight I looked at the data on the bird, and saw that the flight it took just prior to shipping to me was uneventful. Everything was working as it should. So I deducted that something must have happened in shipping. I took the bird down to the point of being able to check all connections. I...
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    Navigation System Error, Check Redundancy State P4P V1

    I just received a new to me Phantom 4 pro... YEAH! But after I checked everything out, did an IMU and compass calibration, It will not arm the motors, nor will it see any satellites. I keep getting "Navigation System Error, Check Redundancy State " The IMU, and compass info screen are showing...
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    Broken Heart

    Your video is stunning. I truly hope that you are well on the road to recovery from your medical issues.
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    Fixing P3 focusing issues

    I actually had to do this same thing to my P3P. The difference is amazing.
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    Ambassador Bridge Panorama photo

    Man, that brings back memories, I used to cross that bridge every day in a 18 wheeler. Nice photo.
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    Dynamic waypoit Active tracking is what you are looking for from the sound of it.
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    Black and white lines PH3

    That is telling you that your image in that area is over exposed.
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    WTB: Phantom 3 Professional Bird Only-- CLOSED

    I found what I was looking for on the big auction site. The camera is still GOOD!!!!
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    WTB: Phantom 3 Professional Bird Only-- CLOSED

    After my Phantom 3 Pro took a swim in the local pond, it refuses to power up, so I am looking to replace it. I am looking for the Copter only. Mine had the newer motor style (with the black dot) I am hoping that my camera is still good!
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    Mosquito Attack

    look into a thermacell .... I use one for hunting in warm weather here in Alabama, and it is a miracle worker!