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    Phantom Battery

    I saved this link a while back from this forum, and I plan to start buying my batteries here. Apparently, they even give slightly longer flight time compared to stock batteries! Definitely an excellent value as far as cost. I unfortunately got this link after I had bought 4 of another kind. Good...
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    Thinking of switching to a Spektrum Dx8 - Comments?

    Please let us know how this works out for you! I'd really like to prevent these fly aways from happening to me at any cost, but I don't want to spend $450 on a new controller considering I only have a phantom right now. and btw, does anyone know how easy these are to hook up to the phantom? is...
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    Putting the Phantom back together

    Thank you very much! never thought to look at the stripes like that. I appreciate the very detailed pictures as well. You saved me what could have been a fatal flight!
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    Putting the Phantom back together

    Hello all. This weekend I decided to move all of the extra parts of my phantom (video transmitter, power block for 3s plug, etc) to the inside of my phantom. I took the phantom apart no problem, but got too antsy and unhooked the GPS without looking which way the top of the case was on the unit...