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    Looking for Phantom Landing Gear Mod

    I have fitted these and crash tested!! I'm really pleased with what Ive got ... plate.html
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    Mounting Fat Shark camera

    Just recieved my new Fat Shark kit, I'd like some input are to how you guys are mounting the tiny camera. I'm not intending at this point to fit a GoPro.Robin
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    First flyaway

    Certainly wasn't heading back to me! and no low battery warning. It was on a 90 degree coarse to where I was and where it burried itself was about 100 mtrs away form me, so what do you call that :!: :!: I'd love to have an explanation
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    First flyaway

    I was just bringing my Phantom into land when it suddenly went vertical about 50 metres and stayed there. I tried all the switches in desperation, the juystickes were doing JS and then it started to move away from me. I felt absolutly helpless as I watched the thing pick up speed but also slowly...
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    Has anyone used Fatshark and Team Blacksheep on the phantom?

    Fat Shark alternative It seems that the world is starved of Fat Shark vision googles. Is there a comparable alternative. Seems there's a fortune to be made for the right company thats geared up to make this stuff. :D Robin
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    Wobble on take off! Even after IMU Advanced calibration

    That mixer type is a trap for the unwary to fall into. I have only had my Phantom a couple of weeks an have had all sorts of issues, mainly lack of knowledge of this type of craft. I used to fly choppers so my knowledge of flying them has helped me. Finally got it up in the air and can now see...
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    prop rotating but not lifting

    Mate, If its any consolation I did the exact same thing. Saw your post then the penny dropped. Deeeeeeehhhhhhhh Robin