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    P4P+ remote - THIRD PARTY APPS. Big news out today!!

    You're trying to start a conversation with a post that is three years old. Poster only shows 10 posts on his profile, so doubtful if he/she is still around
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    Florida Keys. Islamorada

    Is Guy Harvey's Outpost still in business? Guy Harvey Outpost Islamorada Sunset At Islamorada
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    Installing apps like Litchi, Pix4D on P4V2 Smart controller with screen

    Instead of me regurgitating the same thing over again, do a search for the answer to your question. There's more information available than you can read in a day.
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    P4P+ automatically shuts off while flying

    Pretty much when he said this "I really just want to know why this happened without having to pay this $65 "data analysis." I truly feel this was a DJI manufacturer defect as to why the drone crashed."
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    Orange Beach Alabama Drone Ordinance

    One of the reasons we didn't do an overnighter there when we were doing our redneck riviera vacation 5 years ago.
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    Litchi and Phantom 4 Pro +

    For god's sake. This has been beaten to death going on for at least two years. There's plenty of topics addressing this, if only a search would be made. But once again. The P4P+ certainly can be loaded with Litchi. Easiest being loading Amazon appstore on the controller, then buying and...
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    P4P+ automatically shuts off while flying

    You bought an out of warranty P4P+ and want DJI to cover your crash? I'm pretty sure that ain't gonna happen. It's like you buy a used car with an "as-is" disclaimer, have a engine blow and want the seller to replace your engine. That ain't gonna happen either
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    Anyone find a prop balancing rod for the Phantom 4 Pro quick release props?

    From my experience with the other DJI props, the tolerances are so good the props need little or no balancing
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    GL 300E adding apps 2019

    Did you do these steps in the order described? 1. Go to settings and -about the device- 2. Click 7 times on the system version, so you will get the developer options 3. Go back to the settings 4. Open developer options and enable USB debugging 5. Open the downloaded file and install it, like...
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    Litchi can now be installed on the P4P+ and CrystalSky!

    By saying Amazon, are you talking about Amazon Appstore, or the Litchi app from Amazon? Have you checked "ON" for USB debugging in dev options?
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    P4P+ no map showing on plus controller

    It has to use the alternate maps, NOT google maps. Mapbox
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    Cuba from above

    Lots of European visitors to Cuba. US still has some kind of embargo going on, Europe does not.
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    Phantom 4 Pro PLUS (P4P+) GL300- Facebook Streaming Issue

    I don't have the Pro + drone with me but you might check for a current version.
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    What happens if you put standard P4P propeller besides three LO-NO by mistake ?

    I did a test when I first got the low noise props on my P4P+ v.1