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    GoPro Karma Release

    Since a lot of their market is action junkies, I am imagine that means you can fly it from the peak at Breckenridge, not you can go 14K ft up from sea level.
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    Battery Charger for Fat Shark Dominator v3

    thank you! I searched amazon but included the full name "FSV1604 Battery Charger" and it did not show that.
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    Battery Charger for Fat Shark Dominator v3

    Disappointed it does not come with one or use a standard connector. as told to get this one: FSV1604 Battery Charger But it is out of stock or discontinued: Out Of Stock Fatshark Universal Battery Charger Backorder UNIVERAL BATTERY CHARGER Discontinued...
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    Need Help With Pinout connecting to FC200 Camera

    Camera came loose hard landing, nothing broken but need to re-insert these pins. A picture of how they go in to the connector would be perfect.
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    Cannot see any video on iPhone 6+

    Does it work with anything else? Mine works fine with iPhone6 as well as iPad3 running ios8.
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    Downtown Dallas, TX

    There is reading the WHOLE section of the law: And a class c misdemeanor is the same class as a speeding ticket.
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    Be carefull with your Micro SD cards

    I needed a needle nose pliers to get the factory card out the first time. Pressed it nothing happened. Once out the first time it now works correctly.